Love vs. Cancer: It’s No Contest

Love is all we have, the only way that each can help the other. Euripides

My job is in PR/media relations, so I surf a lot of social media and PR news. As I was surfing and sifting news items last week, something caught my eye from the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia. They’ve launched a new campaign called “Love vs. Cancer,” which I think is nothing short of awesome.

Their premise is to reject all the “fight” and “battle” metaphors we’re all so fond of using. Instead, they made a conscious decision to focus on love, the one thing we all have in common when we’re facing cancer.

I still think there’s a place for those fighting words. My friend Pam is facing down a reoccurrence of stage 4 breast cancer and “battle” is still the best way I can think of to describe it. There’s no question she’s in the fight of her life, and she is a warrior. I also used the warrior metaphor to describe the young women in The Scar Project when I blogged about them in November. I said they wear their scars like badges of honor, and they do.

But the folks at the Fox Chase Cancer Center are definitely on to something. Their Web site says that wherever cancer takes us, love abides and offers us strength and hope. They also say they can’t promise that love will defeat cancer, and I agree. But it’s equally true that cancer can never defeat love. Nothing is more powerful than love, and nothing will endure longer–not cancer, or death, or time.


2 thoughts on “Love vs. Cancer: It’s No Contest

  1. I really like that theme – Love vs. Cancer. To me, it speaks of gentle power. Like the meekness of Christ – power under control. Ultimately, love conquers all – including cancer.

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