Blessed Are The Children: The Dig Pink Tour

Something beautiful is happening in Denver this weekend. Hundreds of club volleyball teams at the Colorado Crossroads national volleyball tournament are taking part in the Dig Pink Tour, the largest program of its kind in sports challenging the spread of breast cancer.

I found out about the event from my friend Katie, who attended in support of her daughters Erin and Rachel. Their teams played last weekend and are raising funds for breast cancer research through the tour. Both last Sunday and this Sunday are designated as Dig Pink Days, when everyone attending is encouraged to wear pink in support of awareness and research. Last year, the Dig Pink Tour raised more than $1 million and they’re trying to beat that this year.

I have no affiliation with the Dig Pink Tour or club volleyball, and I’m not writing this to try to get you to donate. I’m writing it because I find it so uplifting to see girls supporting the breast cancer cause this way.

I say that as someone who has not wholeheartedly embraced all things pink, either before or after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I get as tired as the next guy of seeing pink ribbons on everything from yogurt to kitchen shears. But this is different. The only thing these girls are selling is hope.

Teenage girls on the volleyball court are beautiful the way colts are beautiful. But perhaps the most beautiful thing about them is they believe they can do something, and they believe things can change. We need to be more like them. And just think–if we succeed, maybe one day their daughters won’t need a Dig Pink Tour.


2 thoughts on “Blessed Are The Children: The Dig Pink Tour

  1. Beautifully said. Nila sent me the link to your blog…I am also a Side-Out employee, and as it happens, a cancer survivor. I attended my first Tour event a few weeks ago, and the energy of the girls is contagious. As you wrote, “they believe they can do something, and they believe things can change”. Therein lies inspiration for all cancer patients. Thank you for this wonderful post.

    Julie Matthews

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