Women Touched by Breast Cancer Turn Lemons Into Lemonade

It never fails to knock me out how some people can turn an awful experience into something positive. The most famous example in the breast cancer community has to be Susan G. Komen for the Cure. It’s a household name now, but it didn’t spring to life fully formed. It started with one woman’s promise to her dying sister, in one community. Today that community is global.

Kathy Gurland did something similar when she lost not one, but two sisters to cancer. She could have crawled into a hole and never come out. Instead, she founded PEG’S Group, dedicated to helping anyone with any kind of cancer navigate the healthcare system. She developed a very useful compass that I blogged about in November. Her efforts are largely focused in New York but her group helps people anywhere.

Another example I just learned about is the Pink Link Breast Cancer Support Network. Vicki Tashman created it when it was her turn to get breast cancer. It’s like match.com for women who are being treated or have undergone treatment, and their caregivers. She said in more.com that she realized not everyone had the same access to healthcare and support resources that she did. That resonated for me because like Vicki, I had great access. I had the luxury of finding doctors I like in addition to being experts in their field. 

Women with breast cancer are even influencing the way hospitals are designed. Diana Spellman is an interior designer, who, thanks to her own experience, is creating holistic healing environments for other patients.

There are too many examples for me to recount here, but they’re going on everywhere, every day. Here’s to all those women who are busy making lemonade.


2 thoughts on “Women Touched by Breast Cancer Turn Lemons Into Lemonade

  1. Jackie,
    As always, love your postings! But gotta say this one really made me smile so much, mainly because the lemon/lemonade quote evoked so many memories from my younger years. At the time (the 60’s), that quote was practically the first of its kind to use such a metaphor for being resilient and it meaning behind the it was SO inspiring to me. I can remember buying cards and posters and even a mug with that quote on it, and no, they weren’t E-cards back then 😉 . As a result, I kind of adopted it as my own modus operandi, “MO”, and then attempted to share the “lemonade wisdom” wisdom by giving friends and family similar gifts.

    So when I saw that you inducted me into your Women Who Make Lemonade honorary group, I was extremely flattered! Thank you and I certainly hope that you have inducted yourself as well. I know that your hands and heart wear the mark of a lemonade squeezer too 🙂

    With gratitude,
    Kathy Gurland, LCSW

    • Kathy,
      Thank you for your kind comments! I’m really glad you liked the lemonade reference and I loved your story about that. And thanks for saying I fit into this awesome group. I’m more of a keyboard activist but if my small effort can help someone it makes me happy.

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