You’re Invited to Grand Rounds

National Library of MedicineI am hosting Grand Rounds on Tuesday August 10th and want to invite all health-related bloggers to submit a favorite post. I’m hoping to get posts on doctor-patient communication in any of its forms, but any post you are fond of is welcome. I landed on this issue because I have a personal interest and because it generates such strong feelings.

I should add that nurses play a critical role in communication. I’ve had nurses explain what the doctor is talking about. One of my family doctor’s nurses let me know that the surgeon he recommended for my first-ever surgery was a great guy and that all his patients really like him. This was good to hear, and she was right. 

What if you’re not a blogger? Grab some coffee and settle in for some great surfing. And please feel free to weigh in with comments; don’t be shy. Those of us who blog really hope we’re not just talking to ourselves. You can visit Grand Rounds archives to see who else has hosted and what kinds of posts have been submitted. I will warn you: it can be highly addictive. The posts are as individual as snowflakes and range from hilarious to haunting. I’m very honored to have had a couple of my posts included, on MD Whistleblower and GlassHospital.

And I’m super excited to get to host, and get my very own “I Hosted Grand Rounds” badge. I’ve only recently come to realize that badges are kind of a big deal in the blogosphere. It’s like the flair they collected in that restaurant in Office Space, only a lot more fun. 

How to submit: Please send your entries to fromzero at (Another thing I recently learned–not using the actual @ and e-mail address should discourage spambots.) Put Grand Rounds in the subject line, and include the URL of the post in the message with a sentence or two about the post’s topic. I will confirm receipt of all entries so if you don’t hear from me, ping me.

If you wish, let me know why this post is near and dear to your heart. Not mandatory, I just like to know that kind of thing.

UPDATED DEADLINE: Sunday August 8th at 3 p.m. Eastern time. Earlier submissions are encouraged.

Can’t wait to hear from you and read and share your work!

Need topic help? Doubtful, but on the off chance anyone reading this needs a nudge, maybe this will help. If you’re a doctor or nurse: How much did they teach you in school about communicating? What did you pick up on your own? What’s the best tip you ever got? How do you communicate a big diagnosis? What advice do you have for patients on communicating with you? How are the Internet/electronic records/social media affecting communication with patients? (Should you friend patients on Facebook?) Is healthcare reform going to help or hurt? Is the dr/pt relationship going to heck in a handbasket? Why or why not? If you’re a patient: How do you make sure you understand what a doctor is telling you? Do you take notes? Have you ever accompanied a family member or had a family member accompany you? Did it help communication?  What are some tips you’d like to share from your own experience?  Are you shy around doctors? If you are formerly shy, how did you get over it? Have you ever changed doctors because of communication styles? If so, how did you know when you found the right one? What makes a doctor a good fit for you? Do you have a family doctor you have a relationship with? How important is that to you?


3 thoughts on “You’re Invited to Grand Rounds

    • Hi Dr. Van De Graaf (Eric),
      This particular Grand Rounds is actually a “best of” medical/healthcare blog roundup that bloggers take turns hosting–I get to host it on my blog on Tuesday August 10th. Thank you so much for letting me include your post!!

    • Just wanted to say thanks again for commenting and allowing me to use your post. when I host Grand Rounds And I felt too dorky to say this in my reply but when I read your post and saw you’re in Omaha at Alegent I felt a bit of civic pride–I’m in Omaha too.

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