Grand Rounds Update & Cancer News You Can Use

Next Tuesday, August 10, is my turn to host Grand Rounds, a weekly roundup of the best in healthcare blogging, and you can scroll down to last week’s post to see what my theme is and how to contact me. But I have an update you may be interested in: I’m giving everyone a deadline extension. I originally asked for entries by noon Eastern time on Saturday: I’m extending that to 3 p.m. Eastern time on Sunday. (Early entries are still welcome!)

Why, you ask? Oh, you didn’t ask? Well, bear with me. Because my husband Bruce and I are busy with a Komen Race for the Cure event. Our dear friend Pam is squaring off against the Stage 4 Beast and we’re walking for her. When I signed up for Grand Rounds I didn’t remember they were the same weekend. I was trying to give myself more time to review but since I can’t do that, I figured if you’re like me and try to cram blogging into nights and weekends, you might appreciate the extra day.

The cancer news you can use is in regard to two things: First, Christina Applegate announced her new breast cancer foundation, Right Action for Women. Its purpose is to help women who can’t afford recommended preventive care such as MRIs. I can personally vouch for how pricey they are; mine cost around $4,000 two years ago. I was lucky because my health insurance covered it. The foundation is still under development but they do have a website.

I discovered the second thing in an ad in the Wall Street Journal. This may not be news to you but it was to me; it’s the Corporate Angel Network, a national charity that arranges free travel to treatment for cancer patients using empty seats on corporate and fractional ownership flights. That’s all I know; I haven’t done any research. But if you know someone who might benefit, please pass it on.

That’s all I’ve got for now; hope to see you at Grand Rounds next Tuesday. Thanks to Dr. Mike Cadogan over at Life in The Fast Lane, who hosted this week with a killer post theme and included a heads-up for my turn.


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