A Year in Breast Cancer

Warning: Here comes the obligatory first-anniversary blog post. I started this blog on November 8, 2009, after giving it a lot of thought and being encouraged by friends.

I originally started blogging because I wrote a book about my experience with breast cancer. Blogging is on your social media “to do list” for that, but I quickly learned the book is beside the point. Yes, I hope people buy the book and I hope it helps them. And yes, I enjoy writing.

But the real point of this blog is to share personal observations and news items that may help other women with breast cancer, and men with cancer too. I’m gratified to have heard from men who say they’ve had similar experiences and emotions. While we experience cancer as individuals, many aspects are universal. We all have moments of fear, anger, doubt and improbably, joy. We all need to decide on a course of treatment, and learn how to communicate with doctors who may be going way over our heads at times. We need to figure out how to tell our families and friends, and how to cope.

When I started this blog, I remember wondering if I’d run out of things to say. I learned there’s a snowball’s chance in Hades of that happening, as there are new developments nearly every day.

It wasn’t long after I started blogging that new American guidelines for mammograms came out, igniting a firestorm of opinion (including mine). It’s difficult to be told for years you need annual mammograms starting at 40 and then hear, “Never mind.” Mammograms at 40 have become a belief system, and you don’t turn belief systems on a dime. I’m sure the panel members had no idea their findings would be so controversial.

New drugs and treatments were tested, schools were up in arms over “I Love Boobies” bracelets, October brought the usual onslaught of pink. I had my second clear post-mastectomy mammogram. Women continued to join the pink ribbon tribe, while others reached the end of their battle. The Race for the Cure and the search for a cure continued. 

If you’ve been reading me for awhile, I’d like to thank you. If you’re just discovering this blog, I hope you’ll stick around.


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