Calling All Doctors, Nurses & Patients for Grand Rounds Submissions


I am honored to host Volume 7, No. 31 of Grand Rounds on Tuesday, April 26th. This will be my second time hosting; my first time was last August.

In case you aren’t familiar with Grand Rounds, it’s a weekly round-up of the best medical blogs, and people take turns hosting. It’s one of the oldest (and I would argue best) “blog carnivals” out there. It was started by doctors but nurses and patients are welcome too.

Some hosts ask for themed posts and others simply ask you send a favorite. I’m a theme junkie; last year my theme was the power of listening. My theme this time was prompted by all the discussion of meaningful use around health-care reform. Meaningful use has to do with electronic records  and no, I do not want posts related to that. I want to hear about good old-fashioned meaning. What gives your work and your life meaning? Is it your faith? Your family? A hobby that brings you joy? Has an encounter restored your faith in your profession and/or humanity?

I know how hard it is to keep cranking out content week after week, so if you have a favorite post that meant a lot to you, whether it touches on the above or not, feel free to send it my way. Just let me know why this particular post meant something to you.

Please e-mail links to your posts to fromzero *at* and put Grand Rounds submission in the subject line. I will send you a confirmation e-mail. Deadline is 4 p.m. Eastern time on Sunday, April 24. I realize that’s Easter Sunday and a busy family time so feel free to send submissions early. Can’t wait to start reading!


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