Tribute to Brad Part 2

I am so touched by all the comments you shared about my tribute to Brad and so glad I was able to give you a feel for what he was like. Some of you asked me to share pictures so I scanned some.

This first one is my favorite picture of him; I took it when he was 30. My husband/his brother Bruce is in the background next to our koi pond.

This picture was the family Christmas card when Brad  and  Bruce were little. I’m pretty sure this was in 1956.

This picture of Brad on the Seinfeld-era phone was at their mom’s house. He was checking in with his modeling agency in Los Angeles. He’d probably bark at me for using this picture but I was trying to find one that showed his Bambi eyelashes.


This last picture is Brad and me in San Francisco about a month before he died. We did Thanksgiving in July at a friend’s house because everyone wanted Bruce’s famous Weber-grilled turkey and I think everyone knew it was our last hurrah. We had a great time. This is my other favorite picture because I think it captures our relationship. I adored Brad. Still do.


13 thoughts on “Tribute to Brad Part 2

  1. Oh Jackie! The pictures make it so much more real and so much sadder. Do you know, he just looks like a nice guy? Isn’t it funny how sometimes you can just tell? What a heartbreak, what a waste.

    So many gone. It is sickening.

    I am glad you have such wonderful memories, though. In my belief system, I would have counted him as one of the angels watching over you and praying for you when you were sick. And I’ll bet he still is. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing him with us. Sending virtual hugs.

    • Hugs back to you, my friend. I like your idea of Brad as an angel and you know what–we ended up spending the weekend before my mastectomy with the San Francisco friends we had that early Thanksgiving with. They were back in Nebraska for a family reunion; we hadn’t seen them in more than 10 years and had a wonderful time. So you might be right!!

  2. I am so happy you posted these Jackie on so many levels. I get to see Brad..and yes, what a handsome guy, but I also get more glimpses into your other life. What a loving tribute to Brad – thanks for letting us be part of it in some small way.

  3. Jackie, so sad….he looks and sounds like a wonderful man, such a warm smile, what a terrible waste to have lost such a handsome and loving husband. Glad you have great memories and a kind angel looking over you.

  4. Thank you, Jackie, for sharing this beautiful part of your life with us. It’s taken me years to understand that just because someone we adore dies….it doesn’t mean that they’re no longer part of our lives. They are. They still influence our thoughts, maybe even things we laugh about, or a special flowing tunic top that you put on all these years later. What a wonderful man. Beautiful.


  5. Jackie, Thanks for sharing some photos of Brad. I love looking at old pictures of people that have meant a lot to me. I totally agree with Jody’s comment. Just because the person we lost is no longer here physically, they continue to be part of our memories and therefore they continue to be part of our lives. Great comfort in that. Thanks again for sharing.

    On a side note, I couldn’t help but notice the koi pond. I used to have a water garden with fish. Now I just have a fountain. Do you still have a water garden?

    • Hi Nancy,
      We just have a fountain now too! That was our first koi pond in Lincoln, Neb. We dug it ourselves from a former garden plot. Our second house in Lincoln also had a koi pond. I miss the koi–we could pound on the rocks around it and the fish knew that meant it was feeding time and all flocked to us. We gave them away when we moved to Omaha. We had some really pretty ones (well, they’re all pretty).

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