Song of Mary (Christmas poem)

I mentioned on Twitter and Facebook but neglected to mention here that I’m taking a Christmas break. But I did want to do something, so I’m posting a poem of mine that was published in Volume II of Conclave: A Journal of Character last year. It’s not exactly a Christmas poem, but a friend told me it reminded her of “Mary, Did You Know?” so I figured it’s close enough. Hope everyone reading this has a wonderful Christmas and even better 2012. I’ll be back to blogging about breast cancer and other stuff soon. -Jackie

Song of Mary
Weight of the world
doesn’t begin to describe it.
How badly I wanted to flee
when Gabriel appeared. I dropped to my knees,
longed to keep sinking until the earth
submerged me in its soft dark womb.

Suspicious in the way of all villagers,
the Nazarenes turned away
when I walked by, belly swollen
tight as a skin-covered drum
with its incessant beat called “miracle,”
in which they did not believe.

I could not meet my baby’s gaze
for the longest time.
Every newborn bears the mark of God;
but try looking into an infant’s eyes
and seeing God Himself stare back.

And later, when it ended as it must,
imagine praying for your child, and to Him,
as you witness that awful pain.
And you can do nothing
but agree to accept God’s will
one more time.

And now mothers seek my prayers
for their own children.
Light of the world,
You who take away the sins of the world,
have mercy on all the mothers
who need to believe.

-Jackie Fox


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