15 Random Facts About Me

Nancy Stordahl over at Nancy’s Point recently did a great post sharing 15 random facts about her, and invited other bloggers to join in. As she said, we’re all so much more than cancer and this is a great chance to learn more about each other. So here are 15 random facts about me:

1. Motor skills are not my strong suit. I knew how to read when I was four but still had trouble tying my shoes in first grade. I’ve managed to break factory equipment, van wheelchair lifts and the motorcycle I rode in safety class.

2. In spite of No. 1, I do have my motorcycle license and logged a couple thousand (barely) accident-free miles before giving it up, proving my mom’s theory that God looks out for idiots.

3. My lifelong nickname is Jake. My dad called me that as a child and it’s all my husband ever calls me, unless introducing me to people we don’t know. I recently wrote a poem about my three very different names.

4. I adore old black and white movies. ’40s noir, ’30s screwball comedies and romances, ’50s science fiction, I love them all.

5. I’ve loved reading and writing poetry since I was a little kid. I lost it for quite a few years, but breast cancer brought that part of me back. Poetry requires that you pay attention, and a breast cancer diagnosis has a way of bringing the world into sharp focus.

6. I was sad when the Harry Potter series ended. I would spend the whole day on the couch reading when a new one came out (weekends only. I didn’t go as far as taking time off work).

7. If I could only listen to one music genre for the rest of my life, it would be jazz.

8. One of the things that has made me happiest in my life was two random animal rescues on the streets of Omaha. One time I rescued a baby bunny from the middle of a four-lane road, and the other time I grabbed a youngish starling from the middle of the street. The bird actually rode on my finger as I drove a couple miles to work, across the parking lot and up the elevator to my office. I might want to do some kind of wildlife rescue when I retire.

9. I love cats but not cat tchotchkes.

10. I detest the shorthand ‘Merica. I get it, the country’s not perfect, but I think it’s disrespectful.

11. I love hashtags used as editorial comment or sarcasm.

12. One of the things I love best is weekend mornings when I have time to linger over the newspaper (my local paper and WSJ) while I drink the latte my husband made for me. #spoiled

13. I think Citizens United is the worst Supreme Court decision ever.

14. I subscribed to Rolling Stone magazine for 20 years. I stopped and replaced it with The New Yorker, and I’m closing in on 20 years there.

15. I’m a sucker for lists like this one. I have to make a great effort to stay off Buzzfeed.


12 thoughts on “15 Random Facts About Me

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  2. Hi Jackie,
    I thought I already commented on your post. lol! I’m losing track of things more than I care to admit sometimes. (If I actually did, feel free to delete one of them) It was great fun to read your list. It’s kind of amusing to me that I am so not a list person, but yet I write list posts from time to time. Thanks for participating in this challenge, Jackie. Hope to read more posts from you!

  3. Oh I love old black and white movies too! I have rescued a few animals (mostly birds). It is a rewarding thing to do, and for animals, I would pretty much do anything. It’s nice to learn about you and to know we have things in common!

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  5. Jackie, I loved reading this! It’s so much fun to get to know each other. Like you, I was always writing poetry, then I left it for awhile until cancer. Then I went on a poetry writing frenzy. Cancer just gave me that focus you mentioned.

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