Poem: Mammogram

Last spring, as breasts were pressed
like keepsake flowers,
the ominous image emerged, nearly obscured
by swirling clouds of dense tissue.
A tiny constellation of brilliant specks,
traitorous cells made manifest as light.

This spring, the bright white globe
of augmentation curves like a moon,
clouds reduced to cirrus overhead.
Its twin cold and dark, fading scars tracing
the skin-sheathed orb unobserved.
No atmosphere left to study; no need of a lens.

©Jackie Fox 2011
Previously published in the ezine Narrative Nipple


2 thoughts on “Poem: Mammogram

  1. Just received my diagnosis of DCIS (aka ‘fake breast cancer’) this past week and had to laugh at your conversation with your oncologist. I will most likely be having a ‘fake mastectomy’ too. Your Mammogram poem is lovely by the way.

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