Poem: Warrior Princess

                        -for Pam

Those long legs carried her across the Chiefs parking lot,
battle veteran, blond head held high,
rebuilt breasts the prow of a proud ship.
As she passed, men’s necks snapped around
like rows of sunflowers following the sun.

Now those legs carry her through the halls of chemo,
bald head and fists high as she stares down the Beast.
She girds herself for the daily bombardment
of pelvis and spine by radiation,
chemo drip in the La-Z-Boy showroom from Hell,
armed only with that spirit blazing like a star.
Slayer of pity, resister of the morphine cloud,
she says she’s going to play the hand that’s dealt her.
I wouldn’t bet against her.

by Jackie Fox
copyright 2010

Pam and me at my book launch party. I’m the dorky, er, “author”-looking one in glasses.


14 thoughts on “Poem: Warrior Princess

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  4. I think I’m a little late in finding this poem, but I loved it! It’s so simple, but with such strong images. I am a little green with envy. I have been dealing with a cancer-like serious illness for the last 11 years and poetry has really been an important part of my journaling process. I’m actually working with a team to pull together a book of creative works by people touched by cancer (Including patients, caregivers, doctors, nurses, researchers – anyone who is part of the cancer story). I am excited for this book to be a resource for the cancer community as well as a fundraiser for my cancer hospital. You can see more at my blog at http://www.thecancerproject.wordpress.com. You should also check out the Cancer Poetry Project. Karin Miller has pulled together a beautiful collection of poems by the cancer community and is working on a second volume. Definitely worth checking out. I am going to put a link to this poem on my blog as inspiration for others.

    Thanks for publishing this.

    Samantha Albert

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  6. Thank you. I am reading your book and I know it will be helpful to everyone first diagnosed. I have a similar story. I thought about writing a book about it. You have it covered very well.
    I write to work through life events. My blog is people helping people. http://barbaramonahan.blogspot.com/

    Here is poem I recently wrote:

    She remains in her darkness.
    Her focus on food and work is distraction from the real challenges.
    And there are thoughts of how her body feels different.

    What does it matter. Does anything matter?

    Being with the darkness, feeling the not feeling, questioning, listening and discovery. Continuous churning among them.

    She has no energy for it though. It is as though her being belongs to another. The power is out. The connection lost.

    Darkness feels like an old warm blanket that keeps her safe. It enables her to be inactive and hidden from the life force that calls her forward. It is a cocoon she can easily call home and ask “not now, I need more time”. Yet the unseen changes occur within. Changes that reconnect her to her being in a new way.
    A new view and path for her to take flight.
    By BAM

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